Predefined Apodization

Spec Check up and
Basic Setting

Frequency, Metal thickness, Die Dimensions, Wafer, Attenuation Point, Group Delay and Ripple Calculation Points

Output Weighting

All 1's or Predefined Weighting

Digital Filter

Input Weigting Calculation Using Compensation of Output Weighting

Optimization of input Min.
Tab Controlled Apodization

Diffraction Immunity Using Limited Minimum tap.
Analog Optimization


DXF, GSD Format

General Information of Predefined Apodization
1. Wideband and Good Shape Factor Filter
2. Wafer : LiTaO3, LiNbO3
3. Fractional Bandwidth : 5 ~ 30 %
4. Weighting :
    1) Input : Minimum tap controlled Apodization
    2) Output : Predefined (ex. All 1's)


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