Dual and Trible Track RSPUDT

Spec Check up and
Basic Setting

Frequency, Metal thickness, Die Dimensions, Wafer, Attenuation Point, Group Delay and Ripple Calculation Points

Continuous Optimization
(or Sampling of the model)

Initial Weighting Calculation : Full weightings using continuous weight Analog Optimization or Sampling of exsting Model


Withdrawal Synthesis of Input/Output Transduction/Reflection Weighting


Digital Optimization of Full Weightings including Shielding Bar Weighting in Frequency Domain


2-track and 3-track Devices
DXF, GSD Format

General Information of Dual Track RSPUDT
1. High Loss, Very Good Shape Factor, Shortest Length Filter
2. Sensitive to Process
3. Wafer : Quartz, LiTaO3
4. Fractional Bandwidth :  - 2.5 %
5. Weighting :
    1) Input : Resonant Single Phase Unidirectional Transducer (RSPUDT)
    2) Output : Resonant Single Phase Unidirectional Transducer (RSPUDT)
    3) Shielding Bar : Reflection Weightin


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