2003 ~ Present

2018 Yr.

The 3rd Generation SAWTRON Home Page Opened.

2015 Yr.

The 4th Workshop in LA.

2013 Yr.

The 3rd Workshop in Hawaii.

2012 Yr.

The 2nd Workshop in Cancun, Mexico.

2011 Yr.

Ms Andrea Lim, MBA joined.

2009 Yr.

SAWTRON Products updated in SAWTRON home page.

2008 Yr.

New SAWTRON Home Page Opened.

2006 Yr.

U$1M sales achieved, 1st Workshop in San Diego.

2005 Yr.

Hard Copy of Catalog prepared and distributed

2003 Yr.

SAWTRON Inc. established in February.
Internet Home Page Opened in Nov.

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