SAWTRON Incorporated has been established since February 2003, one of the best SAW Filter dedicated companies in the world. SAWTRON provides design solutions with software support, on-site process consulting, and products of lower loss, steeper shape factor, and manufacturable state of the art IF SAW filters including special RF SAW filters to satisfying customers directly or indirectly.

We do our best to read market value and reduce the cost for our products to win together with our valuable customers. Our super fast delivery is the key performance of SAWTRON sending samples out in 2 ~ 10 weeks depends on the urgency. Please just imagine we are in the limit of the SAW Filter technology.Partner

We started to work on SAW Filter since 1987. We’ve involved to develop our own SAW filter design software from 1997. More than 100 major SAW filters and devices were developed with our honors and sold to the total quantity of 50 Millions of SAW filters mostly for cellular phones and the repeaters. Not many engineers have such a heavy experience in the SAW Filter business area. We have solved every problem in design and manufacturing of SAW filters since 1997.

Now we are ready to serve you with other electronic components such as white LED (Light Emitting Diode), VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator), GPS (Global Positioning System) module, and RFIC (Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits) & MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits)

Our Business Areas are:

1. Custom SAW Filter development

2. SAW Filter Design Consulting

3. SAW Filter Simulator Consulting for Defense and Commercial

4. SAW Filter Applied System Consulting

5. SAW Device Fabrication & Packaging Process Consulting

Please enjoy the products and services of SAWTRON.

If you have any questions regarding SAWTRON and the products, let us know. We are very happy to work with you.

We, Custom SAW Filter Specialists, will look forward to serving you soon.

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