Custom SAW Filter Experts, SAWTRON Incorporated was established in February 2003 as a rapid design center focusing on the wireless market as well as military applications. Sawtron has developed SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Filter design software solutions since 1997 and today develops its own custom design software allowing us to remain current with today’s rapidly changing technology for IF SAW filter, RF SAW Filter, SAW Resonator and SAW Convolver. We, Custom SAW Filter Specialists are proud that we offer state-of-the-art capabilities both in design and manufacturing.




We understand our customer’s needs for quick turn-around in high performance SAW Filter design as well as SAW Filter product development at an attractive price. As a commitment to our SAW customers, Sawtron’s average turn-around time from receiving a customer SAW Filter specification to offering a design solution is forty-eight hours. Our off-shore manufacturing partner can deliver prototypes from two weeks in special cases to ten weeks typical using the most modern processing equipment and cleanrooms on the market. It is also the reason that Sawtron is able to offer very attractive prices. With more than 200s of original designs now completed, we know that our rapid service and aggressive prices in SAW Filters have been recognized as a win-win solution to customers needs.

Sawtron welcomes any SAW Filters or SAW Devices inquiries and will work with you to help develop the SAW Filter product needed. We understand that in the engineering phase of a program there can be multiple changes and trade-offs to consider. This is why we stress our quick-turnaround SAW filter design capability. Our on-time delivery in production is better than 99%. We want to win with you and understand the first to market with the best performance and price wins. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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